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How soon can you start?

The idea came to me one evening three years ago when I was in my backyard, cleaning up after our furry, four-legged family members. I had to be vigilant with my scooping duties to keep up with the three barkers and make sure our yard stayed poop-free so my son could play. I knew there were other people in Columbus, Indiana with the same issue. People who didn't have the time, desire, or stomach for such a chore.

I had a lot of interesting conversations with my family and friends when I told them of my plan. They all ended up being supportive of my new venture, with the caveat that I wouldn't ask them to help. Apparently, no one wants to scoop poop.

Now, a few years into the business, I can expect one of three reactions when I tell someone about Scoop Diggity Dog's service of going to people's homes and scooping dog poop.

Reaction 1: You crinkle up your nose as if you can actually smell it, and utter something such as "Ew!", "Gross!" or "That's disgusting!" All great responses...and a reason you should sign up for service on the spot! It's obvious you have no stomach for the chore. If you don't have a dog, tell your friends with dogs about the service. Then, they can host the next backyard BBQ. Win-win.

Reaction 2: You laugh hysterically. Another great response. If you think it's funny, you may tell other people about Scoop Diggity Dog and help us spread the word. You might tell someone who does not see the humor in fighting with their family members about whose turn it is to pick up poop, or scraping shoes and scrubbing out carpet because someone stepped in a pile...again.

Reaction 3: You give me your address and ask how soon I can start! We haven't met yet? You can fill out the form at

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