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"It's the best $10 we've ever spent!

 - Debbie, Columbus

"It's one less thing I have to worry about after working all day. Thank you!"

 - Jan, Columbus

"I'm so happy! Can you put me at the top of your list?"

 - Julie, Columbus

"Scoop Diggity Dog is a great service. I'm so glad I signed up. No more scooping my own back yard!"

 - Amy, Columbus

"I haven't scooped all winter. You saved me!"

- Mike, Columbus

This is the best service ever!  With a very busy family there is no time to get out in the yard to clean it up. Tina has saved us from having a complete mess of a yard.

- Chris, Columbus

"I highly recommend Scoop Diggity Dog! Tina saves us so much time with her weekly service! My husband is very grateful!! Our Ellie loves her!"

- Lora, Seymour

"Love her and love this service!"

- Susan, Columbus

"Awesome service and great rates! I hate cleaning up after the dog but don't want the kids to step in it either! Give them a call!!!"

- Linda, Columbus

"Thank you so much for the service you provide...we played in the yard all weekend!"

- Rachael, Columbus

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