Enjoy a clean, scooped yard for as little as $10 per week.


Customers are charged at the end of each month after the scooping service has been performed. First time scoops may incur an initial scooping charge above the weekly fee, up to the cost of a one-time cleaning, depending on amount of accumulated waste.


The base price for one-time cleanings is $65, due at time of service by cash or credit/debit card. Large yards or yards with an exceptionally large amount of accumulated waste are subject to additional costs.


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*all prices are based on an average-sized yard. Additional costs may apply for larger sized yards, decks, rock beds, or initial cleaning visit.


Giant breeds are an additional charge. Scooping for one dog, such as a Great Dane, Leonberger, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard etc... is $15 per visit.